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September 09, 2013

Dark Nipples – How to Lighten Nipples

Nipple color is unique to everyone and often depends on your genes. Some may find that their nipple color darkens due to medication, menstruation, aging, pregnancy and after having a baby.

What Causes Nipple Darkening?  

The color of the nipples is determined by the amount of brown and red pigments present. The amount of these pigments forms naturally according to your genetic makeup. The color can vary from pink to red or nearly black. Generally speaking, people with paler skin tend to have lighter nipples, and those with darker skin have darker colored nipples.  But certain conditions such as aging and chafing of the skin, and life events including pregnancy and birth can cause excessive darkening of the areole.

How to Lighten Dark Nipples

Lightening of your nipples is possible through the use of natural skin lighteners such as Lactic Acid, Mulberry Extract and Vitamin C. These ingredients work to ensure old skin is removed and new skin is revealed. Lightening ingredients such as Arbutin lighten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin by shutting down tyrozinase, an enzyme that affects pigmentation.  Due to the sensitive nature of the nipples, using chemical agents such as hydroquinone is not recommended as they could cause permanent damage and even cancer.

Do Homemade Remedies to Lighten Dark Nipples Naturally Work?

Many products in your kitchen cupboard can help to lighten nipples and make them pink again. Powdered milk, honey, avocados, cucumber and orange juice all have properties to naturally exfoliate and lighten the skin.

One issue with homemade recipes is working out how to balance how much exfoliating and how much whitening to do. Too much exfoliating can be damaging to your skin, and even cause it to darken. Overuse of ingredients to whiten your skin can result in dry and irritated skin, especially in delicate areas. As with any product – homemade or store-bought – please test first and stop using if your skin shows a reaction.  


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