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  • FRESH UP Skin Pinkish Cream

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    FRESH UP Skin Pinkish Cream

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    Lightening your lips and nipples to their natural pink easily and effectively with Fresh Up Skin Pinkish Cream.  

    Fresh Up contains a powerful formula of plant essences and natural ingredients to reduce excess amounts of skin-darkening melanin. Whitening agents including Vitamin C, Mulberry extract and Arbutin work to reveal new layers of lightened and brighter skin. 

    Safe for use on lips, nipples, armpits, bikini lines, inner thighs, elbows and knees, Fresh Up is formulated in Germany and contains no hydroquinone, mercury or lead. 

    Use Fresh Up to restore your skin's natural tone, improve uneven skin appearance and prevent the re-occurrence of darkened pigmentation. 

    So how does Fresh Up work? Find out at our Support & FAQ page. 

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Dark Lips?
Lips are one of the most defining features of a woman’s face – some describe lips as sensual, sexual and sensitive!
Dark Nipples?
Nipple color is a very personal issue and can affect your body confidence.
Dark Body Areas?
Dark underarms, elbows and knees can be embarrassing- especially in summertime!