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January 22, 2014

New Year Skin Resolutions: Pink Lips Tips

Let's face it - holidays are great for the soul, but sometimes not so great for our skin or waistlines! 

For those who had fun in the sun, your skin might be suffering a post-ultra violet ray hangover with signs of sun spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation. The thin skin on our lips also makes them the first area to show sun damage. 

Tip: Pack a funky hat, SPF lip balm and stay out of the midday sun! Drinking cocktails or mocktails is a fun way to pass the hottest part of the day anyway! 

For those who had fun in the snow or who were rugged up, extreme weather and dry air were probably not friendly to your skin.

Tip: Even when it's cold, make sure to use an SPF face cream when skiing, and always use a SPF lip balm. 

New Year skin resolutions are easy - it's those other resolutions that take effort! 


ARY said:

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