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May 16, 2013

Tips for Maintaining Naturally Pink Lips

Pink lips – a sign of health, beauty and attractiveness. But lips are also the first place to show signs of stress and an overly busy lifestyle! Lips are also vulnerable to smoking, excessive caffeine consumption, exposure to UV rays, cheap cosmetics, stains from lipsticks and dry weather.

Care for your lips by:

·Prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging your delicate lip surface by always using a lip balm or lipstick containing SPF (sun protection factor). TryEos Lemon Drop SPF 16 Lip Balm.

·Wear hats or use sun parasols to prevent your lips from exposure to UV rays. Limit your time out in the midday sun.

·Moisturise! Use lip balm at night, especially during the summer, winter and in air conditioning. TryAlison Claire's Apricot Lip Balm.

·Use only lipsticks from reputable manufacturers. Regularly use a gentle makeup remover on your lips to remove lipstick build up and prevent staining. For a homemade solution, try pure coconut or olive oil soaked in a cotton bud. 

·Natural remedies such ascucumber, cocoa butter and beeswaxare useful in helping to reduce lip darkening and prevent further damage.

Many people complain of having black lips or dark lips. However by caring for your lips, you can avoid excessive pigmentation and unnecessary darkness. 

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