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May 23, 2013

3 Key Ingredients to Naturally Whiter Skin

We all know that natural ingredients are best for skin lightening, but even wondered how they actually work? Let’s take a look at some key ingredients used in cosmetic treatments and dig a bit beneath the surface! 

1. Lactic Acid, otherwise known as milk acid, is contained in your daily glass of milk! Applied to the skin, lactic acid works by assisting new cell generation and removing unhealthy layers of skin cells where darkened cells can accumulate. Lactic acid is also said to inhibit melanin – the natural pigment in our skin that dictates our skin tone. A proven moisturizer, acid also helps to hydrate the skin surface. Creams and lotions containing lactic acid can also stimulate collagen production and help to reduce fine wrinkles. Regular users of lactic acid can sometimes experience sun sensitivity so make sure to protect your skin from the sun. 

2. Bearberry Extract (Arbutin) is a natural skin whitener extracted from the bearberry bush. Arbutin works by shutting down tyrozinase - an enzyme that affects pigmentation. It has similar effectiveness to hydroquinone – without the dangers. Applying a lotion containing arbutin on a daily basis is a sure way to lighter skin. 

3. Vitamin C is famous for its great overall health benefits, but recent studies show that it is also wonderful for lightening our complexion. Vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin. By blocking the production of melanin, the skin becomes lighter and brighter. Vitamin C is also tremendously effective in repairing scar tissue and dark areas on the skin. 



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Soooo . How do you feel now that the port is out and you have been back in the swing of things for a month? I hope all is well and I am glad that you are betetr. You have been through a lot and you and your family are still in my prayers.

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