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August 12, 2013

How to Get Pink Lips

Australia – sunny skies, beautiful beaches and dark lips?!

I’m just back from a short holiday to Australia to visit my relatives. Even in winter, it’s normally fine weather. However, my hands, face and lips suddenly became very dry. In particular, my lips became rough, blistered and cracked. I felt too busy to regularly apply lip balm and as a result my lips became dark pink in places – not black lips – but a sort of intense angry red color.

How do I get pink lips again? Firstly, I need to repair my lips. I came up with these tips:

- Drink lots of water. Hydration is key to keeping your entire body moisturized from inside!
- Avoid too much air-conditioning or heating as it is drying for my skin. If I can’t help this, then I need to make more effort to keep lips moisturized.

How do I get rid of dark lips? What about dry lips? From now on, I’ve promised myself that I’ll do the following:

- Use a lip balm with genuine moisturizing ingredients. I’ll stick to ingredients designed to introduce moisture back into my skin like cocoa butter, beeswax, avocado oil and honey. 
- I’ll avoid oil-based products like Vaseline, which is made from petroleum jelly. Such products seal out moisture, rather than generate it.
- To prevent UV damage, I'll use a lip balm or lipstick during the day with SPF15+ or more.
- Stop licking my lips. Apparently saliva can irritate lips and the evaporation of the water in saliva can cause the skin to dry out even more quickly.

It’s taken about 3 weeks for lips to finally look and feel better. I look forward to another visit to Australia – with better lip care in mind!


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