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August 19, 2013

What is Fresh Up Skin Pinkish Cream?

Like most good things, there are many fakes and similar looking items. I recently bought a bag that looked similar to Crumpler at less than half the price. A week later, it broke! Some things are worth buying properly – especially cosmetics that can have a real impact on your appearance.

Fresh Up Skin Pinkish Cream also has many knock-offs. We’re flattered – because it means that competitors think our product is pretty good.

So how does Fresh Up work?

Fresh Up is a concentrated lip lightening treatment and nipple lightening cream that helps to restore darkened areas to their natural pink color. Fresh Up works by removing old layers of skin and allowing powerful lightening agents to penetrate the lip surface.

What kind of ingredients does Fresh Up use?

Many lip and nipple lighteners contain dangerous and harmful ingredients. Hydroquinone is a known cancer-causing carcinogen and one of the most toxic ingredients in the beauty industry. Although it is banned in the European Union, it can still be found in some skin lightening creams. In addition, studies show that ongoing use of hydroquinone can actually cause further darkening as it is linked to a skin condition called ochronosis

Fresh Up contains only natural ingredients carefully selected to create a balance of exfoliating and moisturizing properties. Lactic acid, Vitamin C, Bearberry (Arbutin) extract and Mulberry extract. Read more about how these wonderful ingredients work here.

How can I buy Fresh Up?

Our online shop at contains detailed information about Fresh Up, shipping and delivery. As a Singapore based company, you can shop safely knowing we abide by strict consumer laws. Make sure to check out our Fresh Up blog for the latest information about skin lightening and special offers!


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