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August 28, 2013

Free Samples of Fresh Up

Customers can enjoy a free Lovera Pure Brightening Milk Face Mask (valued at $15), although we are no longer offering free samples of Fresh Up Skin Pinkish Cream. This offer is valid with any purchase of Fresh Up. 

Perfect for those wanting to lighten their complexion, reduce blemishes and diminish skin discoloration.

We apologize to those customers who may have seen expired promotions on these sites: 






Anusha said:

Please send me the sample


Michael said:

I want to have a good skin, free of wrinkles and bags I only use Olay and Neutrogena..?Since I’ve ben 15-ish I’ve been using Neutrogena and Olay for my skin.. (cleanser-toner-moisturiser) and I use mirutsiozers and their anti-wrinkle creams with an SPF 20 and above .I’m 20 now and I still have no wrinkles or bags and I’ve my parents age my mother who’s Cameroonian and Father a Congolese from RDC and they barely have bags or wrinkles and their skin regimen is quite simple I’d like to know (my skin is very clear, has a nice spots) seeing that I Neutrogena and Olay work very well for me and that my parents in their 40 s and 50 s have skin that is fantastic do you think I could continue to use my skin regimen, eat well, use spf and hope that I’ll inherit their good genes of awesome skinI have recently ordered Meaningless Beauty by Cindy Crawford.. thinkin’ I need upscale skin products only to hear HORRIBLE and ATROCIOUS reviews on the product .so I’m canceling my order I just don’t know if I should upgrade my products for more expensive ones Any help or advice?


Pam said:

Please send me a free sample !! PLEASE

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