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October 31, 2013

How to Lighten Dark Lips in 3 Steps

Lipstick, lip gloss, lip shimmer - all great to use but sometimes you just want to go all-natural! 

How can you make you lips look lighter, prettier and pinker? 

Step 1: Preparation

We all know regular exfoliating is great for our face and body, but did you also know it can help to make your lips look more pink? Lipsticks, especially long-lasting ones, can really stain lips over time. The colour from lipstick can not only discolour your lips, but also leave a residue of oil and pigmentation.

  • Use a washcloth and some specialised make-up remover to gently rub your lips at least once a week. Be sure to take care as the skin of the lips is very delicate.  
  • Using a soft toothbrush can also be very effective. Toothbrushes designed for babies are small and have soft bristles. 

Step 2: Treatment

Lips have the thinnest skin on our bodies, so they deserve some regular treatment! 

  • Lactic acid is a great ingredient to help lighten lips. Soak some cotton wool pads in milk and apply for several minutes. 
  • Fresh avocado can also help smooth and moisturize lips. Apply all over your face and relax for a few minutes to get the full benefit! 

Step 3: Protection 

With no oil-producing glands, lips need constant protection against the elements including sun, wind and over-air conditioning. 

  • Keep lips soft and plump by applying lip balm at night and throughout the day as needed. Use a balm with natural conditioning ingredients like cocoa butter. Lip balms made of mineral oils and petroleum are ineffective and only leave lips with a wall of oil-based material that is drying and harsh. 
  • Always protect lips from damaging UV-rays with lip balms and lipsticks that contain Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15+. Shading your entire face from the sun by using a hat or sun umbrella will further improve your overall skin whitening program.
  • Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. 

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