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Our Company 

Shop with the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable Singapore-based company. Since 1994, 3Rivers Networks Pte Ltd has been an official distributor for FRESH UP. Our company carries only high-quality skin care products, cosmetics, and bath and body merchandise. We care about our customers and their health – which is why we strive to use only botanical extracts and natural ingredients in our products. 

Our Customers 

Customers from around the world share with us their satisfaction with FRESH UP for over 8 years. Many customers come from countries including US, UK, Australia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. We have numerous repeat customers who have come to rely on our tried and proven product.  

Fake Product Warning 

Please note that there are some similar looking products on the market. Only genuine FRESH UP can give you a guarantee of safety, health and effectiveness.