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 Dark underarms, elbows and knees can be embarrassing- especially in summertime!

Why do these parts of the body turn dark? 

Elbows Photo

One of the hardest working parts of the body but often the most neglected! Elbows can get easily get dry and cracked. Leaning on your elbows for long periods at work can also cause them to become dark.


Innerleg Small Area

The inner leg area includes the upper thighs, bikini line, buttocks and genital area. These delicate areas are susceptible to friction, which can cause skin discoloration. Shaving, waxing and dryness can also lead to darkness and uneven skin tone. 

Knees Small Area

 Another often overlooked part of the body, knees are prone to dryness and roughness. Some people have scars in the area, which are hard to hide during warmer months. 


Underarms small area

Many women want to wear sleeveless shirts in the summertime but avoid doing so due to dark armpits. This condition can be caused by shaving, a reaction to deodorants and a change in the body’s hormone levels. 

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