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FRESH UP Skin Pinkish Cream


FRESH UP is a specialized lightening treatment designed to help rejuvenate your most delicate areas and restore their original beautiful pink tone.

Lips, nipples, areola, labia, inner thighs, elbows and knees can all benefit from FRESH UP. It helps to restore these darkened areas to their original condition.  FRESH UP is also effective in reducing stretch marks and areas often affected by hormonal changes such as the areola and nipples. 

This all-natural formula contains powerful plant essences to accelerate the skin’s repair process, inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the reoccurrence of darkened pigmentation. Made in Germany, FRESH UP contains ingredients including Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Peanut Oil, Lactic Acid, Cucumber Extract, Bearberry Extract (Arbutin), Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract. It does not contain any Hydroquinone, lead or mercury.

Most FRESH UP users find their smoother and brighter skin with results apparent in 3-7 days depending on the degree of darkness in skin tone. FRESH UP is suitable for all skin types and is registered with the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. 



Where can I use FRESH UP?

It can be used on lips, nipples, areola, labia, inner thighs, elbows, knees and external genital areas (not suitable for internal use). FRESH UP is made from natural ingredients and safe even when accidentally ingested.

How often can I use FRESH UP?

We recommend that FRESH UP be used morning and night on a daily basis for best results.

How should I apply FRESH UP? 

1. Carry out a patch test first. See below for more information.

2. Wash and completely dry the area you wish to treat.

3. Apply FRESH UP in a smooth, even layer directly on the general area of discoloration until it is absorbed into the skin. Precise application is unnecessary. Do not wash your skin immediately after applying the cream as it will need a chance to be absorbed. 

4. After applying FRESH UP, wait for 5 minutes before applying moisturizers, sun block and makeup to your skin.

5. You may notice a slight dry sensation for the first few days. This is due to the effectiveness of the active ingredients as they penetrate the top layer of skin.

How do I carry out a patch test?

Apply a small amount of FRESH UP to the same place on your arm or neck (do not patch test on the face) for three days in a row, and monitor that area for any unusual changes in appearance or sensation. Stop using FRESH UP if you notice an adverse reaction. As with all cosmetics, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist prior to use if you have sensitive skin.

How long does it take to see results?  

Used as directed, FRESH UP will help to restore your skin’s natural pinkish tone within 3 to 7 days. For heavily-pigmented areas, full results may take about 2-3 months to occur. Results may vary depending on your skin type, skin condition, and UV exposure that you receive on a regular basis.

Are FRESH UP results permanent? 

Results can be permanent, but oxidation, hormonal changes and UV exposure can cause treated areas to re-darken. For consistent results, make FRESH UP a regular part of your skincare routine.   

Can FRESH UP be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers? 

FRESH UP has not been tested for use by women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are nursing a baby. We advise that FRESH UP is used only after women have given birth and have stopped breastfeeding.

How should I store FRESH UP? 

Keep your tube of FRESH UP in a cool dry place, away from light and with the lid tightly closed. Once opening, we recommend using it within six months and storing in refrigerator. We recommend that FRESH UP is stored no longer than one year to retain freshness and effectiveness.  Please note the expiry date on the back of the packing for reference.